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November 8, 2019
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January 30, 2020

The dashcam is a small, windscreen-mounted, in-car camera recording everything in front and in some instances the rear of a driver. It can be a motorist’s independent witness when involved in an incident, while also saving motorists money on their insurance. Action Cameras are quite like a normal camera that shoots photos and video but unlike regular cameras, action cameras come with a range of accessories that enable you to attach them to helmets, handlebars, take them underwater and attach to practically anything. They can be used as a dash camera too.

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Here are some key difference between action camera and dash-camera

  1. Most dash cams automatically power up when the vehicle is started, unlike with action cams. Action cams often do not have an auto-looping function. Once the memory card is full, it will cease recording.
  2. Some dashboard cameras also come with GPS and shock-sensor functionality. With built-in GPS, a dash cam can record exactly where you were, and how you were moving, before and during an accident and it is not with the action camera.
  3. Dashcams can be set up to safely monitor your vehicle while it is parked (this is known as “parking mode”) while an action camera doesn’t offer “intelligent parking mode” as modern dashcams do.
  4. Action Camera can’t withstand extreme temperatures like a dashcam can. High-quality dashcams are built to withstand the extreme temperature fluctuations that your car experiences year-round.

Dashcams are designed with a driver’s needs in mind and action cameras are not great for everyday drivers, so opt for Dash camera to protect your assets. Safe cams are the India no. 1 Dash Cam Supplier and Car Dashboard Camera Supplier in India.

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