Fleet Owner’s – Do you want to reduce your accidents by 40%?


High accidents rates on Indian roads

With the rising costs of fleet maintenance, can you afford to have preventable accidents?  Accidents cost India around 3.16% of GDP, per Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari.  “Sleep-deprived drivers are responsible for about 40% of the road accidents“, according to traffic officers.  Speeding to be the prominent factor, as about 38% of accidents occur due to over speeding.

SAFE CAMS has the ideal solution for your troubles, a Driver State Monitor (DSM) will pick up within 3 seconds if a driver is falling asleep or not paying attention to the road ahead.  With its WiFi and 4G connectivity, any incident can be viewed from anywhere in the world via our cloud platform.  The built in GPS can ensure that the driver is staying within the required speed limits.

With over 30 year’s experience in Fleet Management, SAFE CAMS can tailor make any Mobile Camera solution for your business.  Our DSM units have been tested in harsh desert conditions to withstand high temperatures (up to 75ºC) and sulphury conditions. 

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