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What is the use of Car Dashboard Camera?
February 18, 2019
Best Dash Cam for Car – Safe Cams
March 13, 2019

Dashboard cameras or car dash cams have been in the market for quite a while. It’s only recently that people in India have started becoming aware of their utility and usage. A Car Dashboard Camera is a type of camera that neatly fits on the dashboard or over the rear view mirror. Different types of car dash cams are available in the market with different features and capabilities. The most affordable ones cost while the expensive ones can retail. So why should you spend so much money on a non-dedicated imaging device that’s as expensive as professional DSLR cameras? We’ll answer that question here by highlighting the various advantages of using a car dash cam during your daily commutes.

You Have Full Proof of a Mishap or Incident

Let’s admit, with the kind of road infrastructure and kind of drivers here, accidents are almost unavoidable. The sad part is that the people instantly tend to blame the bigger vehicle even if they weren’t there to witness the entire incident. It is a very common occurrence here to see squids on motorcycles weaving through traffic very aggressively. If they bump into your vehicle and fall down, they won’t hesitate to start blaming you for negligence straight away. In such a situation, a car dash cam comes in extremely handy. When you have full video proof of the incident, nobody can question your actions if you weren’t at fault. Not only will this come handy when you are a part of the mishap, but dash cam footage can also be used to help others if they meet with an accident in front of you as well.

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