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February 26, 2019
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In Today’s era, safety is one of the important measures as an accident can occur anytime and anywhere whether if you are walking alone on road or driving your own luxury car. These days, a Dashcam is more than just a modern purchase for capturing unconventional footage. The Dashcam placed in your car help in collecting evidence for insurance claims and also can be used to identify perpetrators who commit crimes against you or others. Don’t have one? You should absolutely get one from Safe Cam.

dash cam in car

Features of Dash Cam are:

  • Dash Cam have high Video Resolution.
  • Dash Cam have a minimum of 64 GB of storage.
  • Dash Cam provided by us have night vision feature.
  • Automatic On/Off feature is also available in our Dash Cam.
  • Dash Cam comes in all sizes.
  • Dash Cam has both Front and Back Camera.

Some of the Budget-friendly Dash Camera offers by Safe Cam are:

With having High-Quality picture and Full HD Resolution, this dash cam has 170 degrees of viewing angle. Along with Low Light Sensor and night recording feature, it has 32 GB of storage and thus it takes 3 hours of recording.

G70 Dash Cam has excellent picture quality and Full HD resolution. With having 150 degrees of viewing angle and 64 GB of Maximum storage, this cam has 3 hours of recording time.

The picture quality of GS63 is excellent and with having 150 degrees of viewing angle and amazing Low Light Sensor Wifi and GPS features, this dash cam can hold up to 128 GB of data and thus it has 1.5 hours of recording time.

A feature of GS66 Dash Cam is:

  • It has a perfect picture quality.
  • Resolution: Dual Full HD.
  • Viewing Angle: 150 Degree.
  • It also has Wifi, GPS and Dual Camera feature.
  • Max Storage (Without SD Card): 128 GB

Benefits of Installing Dash Cam:

  • Installing Dash Cam in your car help in providing undeniable evidence of road accident.
  • It is also beneficial in saving money on paying insurance excess if an incident wasn’t your fault.
  • Provide evidence from hit and run incident and malicious damage.
  • Some models of Dash Cam provide GPS location tracking features.
  • While having Dash Cam in the car, the behavior of driving car gets a change that protects our roads.
  • Easy to install and easy to use.

If you have any question regarding any Dash Cam or want to know more about Dash Cam that which dash cam is good for buying, then feel free to contact Safe Cam at info@safecams.inWe are the Dashcam supplier in India, Dashboard camera supplier in India, and Safe camera supplier.

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