New Motor Vehicle Act: How can you save yourself from Penalty using Dash Cam

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August 31, 2019
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November 8, 2019

The transport ministry issued a notification on August 28, 2019, listing out all the laws that have come into effect from September 1, 2019. These provisions will require no further amendments in the Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989. This means that driving errors are going to make a huge hole in your monthly budget.

Here is a list of offences and their revised penalties as per the newest amendments:

  1. No Seatbelt: Fine of Rs. 1000
  2. No Helmet: Fine of Rs. 1000
  3. Driving without License: Fine of Rs. 5000
  4. Speeding: Fine of Rs. 5000
  5. Drunk Driving: First offence- fine up to Rs 10,000 or imprisonment up to six months
  6. Jumping Traffic Lights/ using mobile/ driving against traffic flow: Fine of Rs. 5000
  7. Uninsured Vehicle: Fine up to Rs. 2000
  8. Oversize Vehicle: Fine of Rs. 5000
  9. Related to the accident (Section 132 (i), 133 and 134): First offence – fine up to Rs 5,000 or imprisonment of 6 months; second offence- fine up to Rs 10,000 or imprisonment of 1 year
  10. Driving despite disqualification: Fine of Rs 10,000

How a Dash Camera will help you to avoid huge penalties?

  1. Your Digital Eyewitness in an accident

Accidents are inevitable in present road conditions with poor infrastructure and rash drivers. It is really common here to see youngsters on motorcycles weaving through traffic very sharply. If they bump into your vehicle and fall down, they won’t hesitate to start blaming you for negligence straight away. In such state of affairs, an automobile dash cam comes in extraordinarily handy. You can show your video proof of the incident to the traffic police and can save yourself if you weren’t at fault.

  1. Get out of a Penalty

If you’re stopped for a traffic violation you didn’t commit, offer up your Dashcam footage to the Traffic Police before the ticket is written. If the police won’t watch it, bring the footage to the court to contest the penalty.

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