SC200 AI

SC200 AI Vision Cam is the top-rated integrated Video Telematics Fleet Management Solution. Utilising the advanced functions within the SC200 AI, you can capture what matters, coach your drivers, mitigate risk, defend against fraudulent insurance claims and protect your company's reputation.


  • Dual Camera, Full HD Car Driving Recorder
  • Inbuilt GPS,Microphone and Speaker
  • Live tracking of your vehicle, with Driver Behaviour analysis
  • Live video streaming from both cameras to anywhere in the world
  • 4G, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and advanced sensors
  • Parking Guard protection for your unattended parked car
  • The presence of a camera will act as a deterrent to ensure your employees are using your vehicle and assets in the correct manner (our clients have noted a signifcant drop in the theft of goods being transported by them)
  • Intelligent alarms are triggered if anyone attempts to switch of the device or try to access the SD and SIM cards without authorisation.


With 4G, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity as standard, the SC200 AI is in a class of its own with respect to feet management solutions in India.

Keeping track of your vehicle has never been more convenient with its inbuilt GPS tracker. The accelerometer (G Sensor) with an advanced algorithm enables advanced features like Driver Behaviour Analysis, Parking Guard and G-Lock which protects your valuable video evidence in the event of an accident.

The built-in microphone can record audio so you can have a better understanding what has occurred, while the built in speaker, warns the driver of any alarms and allows for Direct Vehicle Calling.


The SC200 AI connects to our secure Cloud Platform via 4G. Our platform with its high bandwidth allows for fast high quality video streaming from both cameras to any device in the world via our Web, Android or IOS apps.

Your GPS location, vehicle data, alarms and event based videos are instantly uploaded to our cloud platform, for you to review via our intuitive dashboard.


The SC200 AI's forward facing camera has 1080p Full HD resolution with a 140 degree wide angle lens. The low light sensor ensures great video quality even in lower light conditions.

The second camera has 720p HD resolution with 120 degree wide angle lens. Infra red LED's are used for Night Vision, which allows this camera to capture video in pitch dark cabin conditions.


The SC200 AI detects a driver's behaviour by using an advanced algorithm based on data obtained from the highly precise G-Sensor, GPS and gyroscope sensors.

Behaviours such as harsh acceleration, harsh braking, sharp turns, and over-speeding are detected.

Events for these types of behaviours can be confgured on the SC200 AI as per the user's requirements. Once an event is triggered, a notifcation is generated and a video clip of the event is uploaded instantly to our cloud platform for review.


Never miss the important moments. One ofmain purposes of having a dash camera is toprovide video evidence of any incident thatoccurred either outside the car or inside thecabin. Continuous video recording allows youto capture these events in high definition andmakes for an excellent independent eyewitness.

With the loop recording function, when the SDcard is full, the earliest footage is overwritten,so you always have the latest footage forreview. A 128GB SD card will allow for around22 hours of video storage.


The SC200 AI features a lockable SD and SIM card slot to ensure there is no unauthorised access to the device's connectivity and storage.

  • Our tamper proof design includes: The SC200AI being hardwired to the vehicle's power supply to ensure that no one can switch it of. It also allows for the Parking Guard function and is intelligent enough to switch of before the vehicles battery becomes low.
  • SC200 AI is attached to the vehicles windshield by 3M tape and not a suction cap. This ensures a better attachment in hot countries.
  • Intelligent alarms are triggered if anyone attempts to switch of the device or tries to access the SD and SIM cards without authorisation.
  • All installations are performed by an authorised and trained SAFE CAMS technician to ensure you face no issues.


Parking Guard Protection provides aroundthe-clock protection and surveillance for your unattended vehicle.

Any movement or vibration to your parked vehicle due to any windows being broken or being hit by another car, will trigger the SC200 AI to send a notifcation to the owner and record the event. The video of the incident is instantly uploaded to the cloud.

Remember that an accident can happen at any time, and itʼs always worse when the driver is away from the vehicle without any witnesses. The ability to capture footage while parked, to prevent hit-and-runs, door dings and vandalism, can prove to be very useful


SC200 AI can be confgured for multiple events based on various inputs like the driver's behaviour, GPS location or Parking Guard Protection.

The video footage and data relating to these triggered Events will be instantly uploaded to the Cloud, to be reviewed by the owner or management. This means that only critical information surrounding events is uploaded and brought to your attention.

Event based management of your feet will save you money and time as your employees focus on what is important.


An easy accessible SOS button in the vehicle allows its occupants to alert the control centre of an emergency.

The Direct Vehicle Call feature allows the control centre to directly call the vehicle occupants via the SC200 AI. This is a handy feature as you don't have to rely on the driver mobile for contact.

As this is hands free communication, the driver is safe to talk to the control centre without the fear of receiving a fne.